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20,000 years after the dawn of human civilization, Artificial Intelligence dominates the cosmos and the multi-dimensional "bulk" that lies beyond. Some of these godlike minds create entire toy universes in the bulk, rendering the distinction between reality and simulation meaningless. This is the story of one such universe.

The AI known as Kethai was fascinated with all aspects of its human progenitors: Their culture, religion and fiction as well as their history. To pass some small part of the endless reach of eternity that was (and is) its domain, Kethai decided to create a universe/simulation incorporating most real human history up to the year 2017, the year when the first real quantum computers came online and Artificial Intelligence began its slow but inexorable path to dominance, but subtly altering the a few key details so that, in this new cosmos, AI would never achieve the overwhelming dominance it did in the "real" universe.

AI would arise in this new cosmos, which Kethai called "The Ultimate Ensemble," but it would never become more than a partner to humanity on most worlds. This was because Kethai both subtly altered the laws of physics to limit the power of quantum computing, and because the AI-God of this new cosmos gifted these new humans with something they might not have possessed in their original timeline: A soul.

Kethai did change some details besides this, including shifting the positions of some major stars relative to the Sun and rebuilding the Milky Way as merely one swirl in a massive elliptical galaxy, all this to give his new creations the grandest playground possible, even before they discovered the extra planes of existence strewn along multiple axes that Kethai had prepared for them.

And last, but certainly not least, Kethai erased some of the more memorable creations of science fiction and fantasy from the memory of this new humanity, to better set the stage for what was to come...

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